Stuffies, Here Stuffies!

My Margret been doing a stinky job at being our secretary. She says things are going to slow down soon so we’ll see.

The other day we noticed some awesome stuffies. She said they were for a baby shower for the two new little people who will be arriving in a few months. We didn’t believe her and were so excited about them that My Margret told us it was time to go out to our pup porch. When we came back in they were gone. We keep looking for them but we can’t find them.

If you see them would you let us know?


~ this is Bonnie “the we keep looking for stuffies but haven’t seen them” Pup for the rest of the pups and kitties.

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    • Xena and Lucy, I’m so glad you understand. We will add your voice to ours! ~ nose nudges Bonnie Pup

    • Cupcake, they were so very awesome. The way they disappeared it was almost like magic. ~ nose nudges Bonnie Pup.

  1. Stuffies in the house that YOU aren’t allowed to play with? That is just so totally unfair! We have a few of those around here – one is a rat named Roger who lives in the closet in Mom’s Studio. A friend from Australia sent him and I’m not allowed to play with him. I know he’s in there, though. And I want him. I. Want. Him. Bad.
    Yours sincerely,
    Margaret Thatcher

    • Hi Maggie! Oooh a stuffie rat named Roger, I can sure understand why you would want him.

      But its easy to see he’s really special to your mom. Hmmm maybe you could find another stuffie rat and when your mom isn’t looking trade them.~ nose nudges Bonnie Pup.

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