I’m A Smart Girl

I’m such a smart girl I figured out this morning how to lick my paw while wearing my cone.

Oh and this morning I spit out the part of the sleepy cheese that helps my itching…twice.

I might have heard My Margret say that I have an appointment at my vet tomorrow. Hmmm I wonder what that means…..

~ this is Belle ” the I’m a very smart girl” Pup for the rest of the pups and kitties.

Note from Belle’s My Margret: I’m hoping they come up with something that will help our too smart for her own good precious Belle. To be continued…

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  1. I have been without a cone without ice cream since last night, and I’m not scratching my boo boo. But I started licking my back leg and belly this morning. Mommy made up some essential oil stuff and rubbed it all over me and I don’t itch now. Try hard to not lick your paw, Belle. Or go ahead and lick it if you don’t mind the cone (does yours have ice cream?) ❤ ~Xena

    • I’m happy for you that you are coneless! Nope my cone doesn’t have ice cream either, but that does sound really yummy.
      Do you think your mom would tell My Margret what kind of essential oil stuff makes your itches go away? ~ nose nudges Belle

  2. OMG, B. You are smart, but in big trouble. When my tail was busted off, I figured out how to curl it around into my cone and take a taste. The doctor gave me a BIGGER cone. Yikes! Also, your My Margret might try cream cheese instead of regular cheese. That is un-spit-out-able. Good luck, sweetie.

    Love and licks,

    • Oh man, Cupcake a bigger cone? I hope my vet doesn’t come up with that idea….
      I heard My Margret tell My Greg about trying cream cheese. I have a feeling it’s in my not to distant future. Does it taste good?

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