Santa Claws.

There’s a lot of strange things going on our house. My Margret is getting up earlier than even me! I’m going to have to talk to her about that because I’m just not ready to wake up when she does.

Then there are all these little lights around the house.

So I asked My Greg what was going on.

And he said that I needed to be good because Santa Claws was watching to see if I’m naughty or nice.

Now I trust My Greg but I don’t know who this Santa Claws is. I know that Linus and Lucy Kitties have claws and they like to tease me by moving my stuffies and chew toys so I’m keeping my favorite ones close by me just in case this Santa Claws wants to tease me too.

I asked my sister Bonnie about him because she’s older and knows stuff. She said Santa Claws is very nice and won’t try and tease me.

I hope she’s right!

~ this is Bessie “the looker outer for Santa Claws is coming to town” Pup for the rest of the pups and kitties.

Note: Thank you to My Greg for helping My Margret read my mind so we could write this tonight. ~nose nudges Bessie

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  1. Hi Bessie. The same kind of stuff is happening around here. Mom’s getting up earlier, lights, tree in the house, all of it. Your tree is pretty with pictures of your family hanging on it, too. Lucy and I are trying to be good, but…well, more about that soon. XOXO Xena Pee S You all look like you can’t keep your eyes open – better take a nap!

    • Xena,
      When all the big and little people come home for Christmas they look for their pictures in the tree!
      Maybe once we don’t have to be careful about being good anymore your mom and My Margret will sleep longer and we won’t be so tired! ~ nose nudges Bessie

    • Thank you Cammie! My Margret and My Greg’s big person Jake designed and printed that cross on his 3D printer a couple of years ago. It’s very special because he made it and because to our family while all of the celebrations and traditions are a part of Christmas, the Cross is a reminder that Jesus’s bday is why we celebrate Christmas. ~ nose nudges Bessie

      • AMEN to the reminder, Bessie! And we like it even more now that we know the special connection with it being made by Your Margaret and Your Greg’s big person!

  2. Ok we won’t eat the ornaments. It will be hard though because they look so good! ~ nose nudges Bessie

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