The Art of Relaxing

There’s a lot going on at our house. I heard my Margret say that they are “refreshing” the kitchen, dining room and living room.

There is scraping, tearing out, plastering, mudding, sanding and decision making going on.

There’s also scary stuff all over the place. Ladders, rustling plastic sheets, loud vacuums with hoses that can reach out and grab you.

My Margret has been taking breaks to help us not be scared and encourages us, especially me, to be brave and show all that stuff who’s boss!

I’m telling you all of this has worn my sisters and I out.

The project is on hold for a few days while they wait for a delayed shipment to arrive. So we are going to try and teach My Margret and My Greg the art of relaxing even if we have to lay on them!

~this is Belle “the I’m glad things are on hold so we can relax for a bit” Pup for the rest of the pups and kitties.

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  1. Remodeling is definitely hard work, and you need a break, Belle. Your peeps will be so happy when it’s done and looks brand new! P.S. Since I told your Mom about imbedding video directly into WP, I learned that there is a setting on my phone (camera) that I can change the size to HD before filming, and they don’t look as huge on WP.

  2. I agree but I’m still not sure My Margret and My Greg are as happy as I am for the break. But they’ll get there. ~ nose nudges Belle

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