Bessie Pup

I’ve been working with our bouncy pup Bessie to help her redirect her energy. One of the things we’ve been working on is a sit stay while I’m setting her food bowl down. Tonight on the first try she not only sat and stayed but she didn’t nudge or twitch her nose at me to hurry me up. What’s more she waited calmly a extra few seconds after I set the bowl down before being released.

It may not seem like a big deal but for Bessie it was huge!

We’ll keep working on lengthening the time and continue with some other things as well but for tonight we’re going to take some time and celebrate this achievement.

I’m very proud of you sweet pup!

P.S You also made an awesome blanket on this very cold January night thanks for the cuddle.

~ Bessie’s My Margret

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  1. Hi Miss Margret and Bessie. I had to learn this for Agility class. One time Mommy set my bowl down -it was full of yummy meat and veggies – and wondered why I wasn’t eating, then she remembered to say, “Free!” Silly Mommy, as Angel Lexi used to say. Lucy just learned this, too. I think you have joined our team, smart Bessie!

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