Things Were Weird But They Aren’t Now.

Things have just been plain weird at home lately.

This past weekend there was a lot of this

And thisLinus and Lucy supervised.

But my sisters and I were out in our pup porch and pen. On Saturday it started to storm so My Margret brought us in and put us upstairs AND she put up the gate so we couldn’t come down and explore all the cool stuff. My sisters were kinda of ok with that.

But I wasn’t happy at all.

But by the end of the day yesterday things were back to normal. We were so excited about that, that my sisters and I had an awesome round of Monday morning roughhousing.

~ this is Belle “the things were weird but they aren’t now” Pup for the pups and kitties.

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  1. That looks so nice! Why didn’t your people let you stay and supervise, though? I’ll bet the three of you would have been VERY helpful!
    I love the video of you playing! Looks like a great celebration!
    Yours sincerely,
    Margaret Thatcher

    • We would have been a big help. When Bonnie and I were puppies, right before we joined the family we um Bonnie led the way, kinda got into a room at the kennel that had just been painted. That was our first lesson on how to use our tails as a paint brush. So I couldn’t understand why My Margret wouldn’t let us help. ~nose nudges Belle.

    • True, I don’t like getting mud on my paws and paint would be worse. But we still could have helped. ~nose nudges Belle

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