Have A Good Day, I Love You’s

We sisters like to do things together.

But we also do things different from each other too. For example every morning when My Margret leaves for work she says “Girls, let’s go!” and that’s our cue that it’s time to go out to our pup porch.

Bessie Pup: As soon as My Margret opens the door I run right past her to see what’s happening in our yard. As I hurry past I hear her say “Bessie, have a good day. I love you, see you tonight.”

Belle Pup: when it’s my turn to go out I stop right before going out to hear My Margret say Belle Sweatheart, I love you, have a good day, see you tonight. Then she ruffles my fur and gives me lots of pats, if she stops and I want more I just stand there and she gets the hint and gives me more pats. Sometimes like yesterday morning I wanted 4 rounds of “have a good day” pats before going out. I can tell My Margret likes it too.

Bonnie Pup: I’m usually the last one out the door because I really really like being in the house. I usually make My Margret coax me. She calls me in a “there’s something fun going on and you don’t want to miss it ” voice. I know it’s to go outside but it’s fun to hear her silly voice when she does it. When I finally go out the door as she says “Bonnie Girl, I love you, have a good day!” But yesterday I watched how much how much Belle liked the “have a good day” pats and I slowed down so I could get one too. I didn’t want as many pats as Belle but I sure did like it. I think I’ll have to try that again today!

~this is Bessie, Belle and Bonnie ” the we like hearing have a good day I love you’s” Pups for the pups and kitties.

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