Helpers Players and Little Person Watchers

As Linus Kitty shared a few days ago My Margret and My Greg’s littlest little person came to stay at our house for awhile. We took turns doing our part to help take care of her.

I let her share her books and read to me. ~Belle

In the beginning I would bark every time she made a sound just in case My Margret didn’t know she needed something. My Margret explained that I didn’t have to do that so I just talked to her instead. Oh and I told her she could play with my stuffies. ~ Bessie Pup

I would follow her around and make sure she was ok. One day she was sad and I told her it would be ok and she got happy again. ~ Bonnie Pup

I visited with her and let her rub my head with her foot. She took care of an itchy spot. Lucy Kitty

We offered to pick up her toys when they fell on the floor. For some reason My Margret said we didn’t have to do that. ~ Bonnie and Belle Pups

I continued to follow her wherever she went. ~ Linus Kitty

She went back home yesterday. Now that we are used to her we sure do miss her. We hope she comes back soon.

~ this is the Pups and Kitties “Being helpers, players, and littlest little people watchers”

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