Nope Not Happening

This weekend we had to take baths.

We got new collars.

And My Margret expected us to go out to our pup porch during a storm. Something about she had to go to work.


So the baths weren’t horrible except it took forever for our My Margret to say we were dry enough to come downstairs. We even licked each other to hurry the process up a bit.

Our new collars are really pretty but with our fluffy fur they are hard to see. Mine is green with flowers, Belle’s is blue plaid and Bonnie’s is bandana red.

This morning when My Margret wanted me to go out to the pup porch I invited her to rub my tummy and she did.

But she still wanted me to go out so that didn’t work so I said no! Let’s see how she moves 100 + lb me when I don’t want to move.

All of a sudden she started doing this really fun dance with a lot of hand clapping all with a silly voice. I danced with her until I noticed that instead of dancing in the dining room she was dancing on the pup porch. Good thing I noticed before I danced my way out with her. She scared Belle with her dancing and that’s when I realized where we were.

Next thing I knew she was breaking out the good treats and I could not resist that. She felt bad and said if she hadn’t had to leave for work we wouldn’t have had to go out in our porch when it was storming. I believe her because of how she cuddles with me when I’m scared. It really wasn’t too bad on our porch but shhhh don’t tell My Margret I said so!

~this is Bessie “the nope not happening” Pup for the Pups and Kitties.

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  1. Your Margret is a wise and fun owner who makes your lives as pleasant as possible so you really shouldn’t complain when she needs you on that pup porch 😉

    • Hi Ms. Mary! I know you are right, but hmmm that sounds like something My Margret would say. ~gentle nose nudges Bessie Pup

  2. You tried to resist, B, but you can’t be expected to miss out on the good treats! I hope they were the cheddar cheese ones…. Or the chunks of boiled chicken!

    Love and licks,

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