Belle, My Sister Pup

I like having my room pretty much by myself. My Margret put up the gate in such a way that I can come out any time I want.

Lately my sister pup Belle has been visiting with me every morning.

I like that and I think she does too!

~this is Lucy “the she isn’t just a pup she’s my sister pup” Kitty for the pups and kitties

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  1. B, you are for sure straight up the sweetest kitty-loving pup ever. We like seeing you send your calm energy under the gate. Such a good girl. Mom is afraid to imagine what I would do in that situation. Insanity is a word that comes to mind.

    Love and licks,

    • Thank you Cupcake! You know you might just surprise you and your mom, sometimes all it takes is the right kitty. Lucy Kitty took me under her paw when I was just a puppy and taught me everything she knows, I think that’s why we are so close. ~nose nudges Belle

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