The Good News Pup

This morning I went to see Dr. Lundy. My Margret was a little miffed at me because I wouldn’t get in the van when she told me to. My Greg was coming with us and I wanted to make him feel good so I waited until he told me to get in the van. My Margret looked at me and said ” Really Belle?!” I pretended to not hear her.

The first thing they do when we get there is weigh me and I’m a dainty 85 1/2 lbs. My Greg said I was fat. I didn’t like that so I went to go stand next to My Margret.

When it was time to go back to an exam room instead of turning right into the room I turned left and tried to keep going right out to the car. That didn’t work…sigh.

We found out that the lump on my leg is a fatty tumor and we just need to watch it. Which was good news then My Margret asked Dr. Lundy to look at my ears. He said my allergies are acting up but I don’t have an ear infection so that was good. He gave me an allergy shot to help calm things down. Maybe now my sisters will stop licking my ears, Although I know they are just trying to help.

Finally My Greg took me outside where I got to explore all the yummy smells while we waited for My Margret.

After that we climbed in the van and I was My Greg’s co- pilot all the way back home.

~ this is Belle ” the good news” Pup for the Pups and Kitties.

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    • Thank you girls!! A lot sure happened that morning. Oh and the shot did make me feel better, my sisters aren’t licking my ears anymore. ~nose nudges Belle Pup

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