So This Happened…

Today was the day that Lucy Kitty meowed.

Bessie barked…A LOT.

Lucy didn’t budge.

Bessie stopped barking.

Lucy won.

Bessie and Lucy’s My Margret and My Greg watched in amazement.

Bessie ran to her My Greg in confusion.

Bessie’s My Greg comforted her.

Lucy’s My Greg congratulated her.

Bessie is still trying to understand what just happened.

~ this is My “you just never know” Margret for the Pups and Kitties.

(note: older images were used in this post but the expressions were the same. )

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    • Hi Lucy! It’s just a guess but I think Lucy Kitty might have gotten tired of being barked at. ~ Lucy and Bessie’s My Margret. Hi Xena! Wouldn’t that be something. We might be. 😊 ~ rumbly purrs Lucy Kitty

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