Watcher Pup

It’s a known fact that when it’s windy and dark the Imaginary Watchamacallits come out. It’s been really really REALLY windy the past few days. The days are getting shorter so there is a lot more dark now too.

My Sisters and I have been in and out, out and in, and back out again making laps around our pup pen keeping an eye out so we can chase away the Imaginary Whatchmacallits right when they first show up.

Even though all those laps are enough to wear a pup out I couldn’t relax because I didn’t want to miss anything. My Margret started massaging my shoulder and next thing I knew I was sprawled out sound asleep, really really sound asleep.

The next morning I was still so relaxed that I decided to take an early morning nap.

It was a good thing I did because it rained that day and the only thing Imaginary Whatchamacallits like more than wind and dark is yep you guessed it rain! Looks like my Sisters and I have our work cut out for us. ~ this is Bessie “The Watcher” Pup for the Pups and Kitties

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