Being Me

So today Bonnie and I went to go see Dr. Boles for our yearly check up. We both got a bunch of lovin and “pretty girls with beautiful brown eyes” comments from Dr Boles.

Bonnie went first and she got an A+.

I went next and I did not get an A+ it was more like a B. Thanks to my allergies I had an ear infection in both ears, a hot spot on my paw and in between my toes. I also had a small fatty tumor in my arm pit on my front leg that My Margret found while giving me my massage last night. The fatty tumor has nothing to do with allergies it’s just a part of being me.

Then because My Margret noticed that I’ve been moving a bit slower than I had been ( I wish she didn’t see so much) I have a new medicine that we are trying for a few weeks in addition to my other two medicines for my arthritis.

My Margret asked what Dr. Boles thought about canine massage therapy and told her that I’ve been getting massages for the past couple of months. She was all about it and said that she’s been reading about how much it’s helped dogs and cats with their rehabilitation. She said that while it won’t cure my arthritis that in time we might be able to cut back on some of my medicine.

So to recap I get my paw sprayed with medicine a few times a day that my sisters and I can’t lick off. Although I assure you we will try. A piece of hot dog twice a day and a bit of cheese in the morning along with daily massages. So while I wish I had gotten an A+ like Bonnie did I’m fine with the B because that stands for Being Me

~this is Belle “the being me” Pup for the pups and kitties.

PS from Belle’s My Margret: I debated not blogging about the latest in the world of Belle because it’s a lot that’s negative but it’s our reality and it can all be taken care of. I was happy that our vet understands the importance of massage therapy. And included it as a part of Belle’s treatment plan for her arthritis. 🐾

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  1. Please don’t ever hesitate to write the reality in your lives, good or not so good. I’m sure I “speak” for many when I say we love your fur family and want to know what’s going on. I bet Belle loves the massages. XOX Amy, Lucy and Xena

    • Hi Cupcake! Thank you, we appreciate you and your mom more than you will ever know. Belle said to tell you that hot dogs and cheese are truly the best ever,. She thinks you would like the massages too. ~ hugs Belle’s My Margret

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