Lucy Kitty and the Christmas Tree

I have always loved to sit way up high in our Christmas tree.

I’m 17 now and I only have three legs, not that either of those things have slowed me down. Well much anyway.

Anyway I looked around to see the best possible way to climb up in the tree.

Then I went to find My Margret. I knew she would help me.

~ this is Lucy “where there’s a will there’s a way” Kitty for the pups and kitties.

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  1. I wonder if your faith in your Margret to help you get to the top of that tree might be just a tad misplaced?
    Do write again and let us in on your next adventure.
    You surely are a handsome cat, dear Linus. xx

    • Hi Ms. Mary, Maybe but with her help I was able to be next to the tree and about half way up. I tried to talk her into climbing on a chair but she just looked at me. ~ rumbly purrs Lucy Kitty

  2. Where there’s a Mom, there’s a way, right, Lucy? We didn’t know you are 17 and are missing a leg. We think you probably have another good 17 years to go, right? Especially with a name like Lucy! XOX Lucy and Xena

    • Hi Lucy and Xena, I agree seems like moms and older kitties can do anything they put their minds to when it comes to Christmas trees anyway. Yes, there is power in the name Lucy (and Xena too). Go Team!
      ~ rumbly purrs Lucy Kitty

  3. How sweet! I understand how you feel about helping your kitty enjoy the tree. My kitties love, love, love seeing the snow out the front and back doors, but have to stand up to see over the bottom panel. I like to hold them so they can see out without the stress of stretching to see out. LOL!

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