We decided tonight was a good night to introduce the pups to the tennis ball launcher that we were given at Christmas.

When we went back on the house I discovered their new toys had arrived. I had picked up one just like these a couple of weeks ago and they all loved it. So I decided to order a few more.

Tonight’s playtime was a fun change of pace that we all enjoyed!

~this is the pups and kitties My Margret

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  1. Looks like the initial lunch was a failure. Maybe try launch part 2? I’m not telling my girls that the 3 of you got new toys… well, Xena’s the only one who would care anyway. Amy

    • Hi Mrs. Amy! You’re right it was. Our My Margret says practice makes perfect, whatever that means. I bet Xena would have fun with the blue chew toy. We sure do. ~ nose nudges Bonnie, Belle and Bess Pups

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