Still the Bouncy One

Today Linus Kitty and I went to see Dr. Boles for our “how are you doing” visit.

Linus found out that his rumbly purr works really well and with all of his fluffiness he only weighs 11 lbs. Oh and his tail looks a lot like ours. Dr. Boles thinks he might just be part golden retriever! He didn’t like the ride though and made sure we all knew it. I didn’t much like it either and kept wanting to help My Greg drive. Finally I went and sat by My Margret because she looked lonely. She petted me.When it was my turn to see Dr. Boles I tried very hard to convince My Margret and My Greg that it was time to go home. I was so busy trying to open the exam room door that I almost didn’t see Dr. Boles offer me a treat for being a good girl. It sure was yummy! While she was making sure all my parts worked I offered to let her rub my tummy lots of times and she did. The big news: cutting back on all those extra treats over the past few months worked and I now weigh less than my sisters! My Margret says that although I’m no longer the biggest girly pup I’m still the bounciest!

~ this is Bessie ” still the bouncy one” Pup for the pups and kitties.

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    • Hi Cupcake! I’ll try. Maybe Bonnie and Belle will help keep me from hitting the ceiling. ~ nose nudges Bessie Pup

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