More Please

So awhile ago My Margret got something new for us. 

They are called LickiMats and we really liked them.

Bonnie Pup supervised the spreading of the peanut butter then we got to try them out. (Make sure that your volume is turned up) My Margret said the living room was alive with the sound of slurping.

As you can see we really like them.

In fact long after my sisters were done with theirs I was making sure not even a small bit was left.

Can I have more?

~ this is Bessie Pup “the more please” Pup for the pups and kitties.

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    • My Margret did say that next time I get to lick my sisters mats too before she washes them. They leave a bit of the yumminess, I don’t see how they can walk away from that! ~nose nudges Bessie Pup

  1. Xena: We would like those too. We only get almond butter but we think that would work. The only problem is it looks like it would take a lot longer to get it all.
    Lucy: I think that’s the idea, XeXe.
    Xena: Oh. Well, my tongue is smaller than yours, so if you get tired of it, I can help you out by getting down where you couldn’t reach.

    • Almond butter would taste good too, um what’s almond butter? Teamwork! I like how you girls work together 🙂 ~nose nudges Bessie Pup

      • You don’t know what almond butter is, Bessie?! It’s peanut butter made out of almond nuts. We hear it is much, much healthier, and it’s every bit as stick to the roof of your mouth yummy. Lucy and Xena

      • Yum, that does sound good. We’ll have to tell our My Margret to try it. Thanks girls!

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