My Sister the Snitch!

My Sister Pup Belle is a snitch!

So what if I like to hide beneath this table so the family won’t see me at bedtime and then I can sleep upstairs with them. I mean who wants to watch over the house for them at night anyway!

So what if I didn’t answer yesterday when My Margret came home from work and called me a million billion trillion times and was worried.

Is that any reason why Belle Pup without being asked ran up the stairs to the landing and poked her head under the tablecloth then ran back down the stairs to My Margret looked at her. Then ran back up the stairs and did it again so My Margret would follow her!

So what if My Margret lifted the table cloth and when she saw me said “Linus! I was worried why didn’t you come when I called you?” (The dog part of me does do that.)

Then she was all over Belle telling her over and over again that she was such a good girl to find me. She was excited that Belle understood that I was lost and My Margret was worried. Buh humbug I wasn’t lost! I knew right where I was and Belle shouldn’t have told her!

~this is Linus “the my sister pup is a snitch” Kitty for the rest of the pups and kitties

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  1. Aww, Linus, we get That you were enjoying your alone time, but we also get that your mama was worried. Belle did the right thing. Your sister Belle really was being a good dog. Xox Lucy and Xena

    • Hi Girls, I thought about what you said. It took me a few days but you are right. Thanks for helping me see it that way.~ rumbly purrs Linus Kitty

    • Hi Ms. Sadye! Belle is our taker carer pup.That’s probably what she was doing. Humph, I just heard her say Finally! ~ rumbly purrs Linus Kitty

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