Uniquely Her Own, Bessie Pup

After doing a bit of reorganizing we are keeping the doors open to our front room so the pups have a bit more room to spread out, although they are never too far away, literally mere feet unless they are in our laps, from where we are.  Bessie now has an additional 4 windows in which she can survey her kingdom and tell us about it.
This morning at 4:45, (yes it is Saturday and I need to learn to sleep in, it’s on the list!) Bessie started to bark, I went out to the far end of the front room and stood beside my pup who was keeping watch. Clearly not seeing what she was telling me about I put my arm around her and said “Bess, do we see a bunny, a dog, a kitty or an imaginarywhatchamacallit?” She just looked at me with her big brown eyes and said “yes!”   
I gently ruffled her fur and said “good job, carry on!” and left the room. She stopped barking and shortly followed me because she had told me all she needed to say and she knew by me acknowledging her that she had done her job.
The bond this bouncy girl and I have is amazing to me. She says so much with her imploring eyes, gentle nudges and hurry up barks that I am never left in doubt, at least for long, as to what she is telling me.  She is unique this Bessie Pup of ours.
~this is Bessie’s My Margret for the Pups and Kitties

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  1. This is a very special kind of bond, and one to be cherished. It’s one Lexi and I had, and is developing between me and Xena. She does a lot of there’s something out there barking, which I ignore. But this week, after the barking, she ran downstairs to my home office and looked at me, and I knew she needed me to follow her. Sure enough, a UPS person had walked onto our front porch and left a package. Good giril!

    • Amy, I could tell that you and Lexi had that bond. I love that you and Xena are starting to have that same kind of bond. Special and to be cherished indeed. 💕 Good job Xena on the package delivery notification !

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