Uniquely Her Own, Bonnie Pup

This girl is our princess.

She loves…


Loves being comfy and has the knack of making even the floor look as comfortable as a feather bed.

She’s our “Hmm let me think about it, oh you meant me!” girl.

She always seems to know when someone needs special attention and will quietly go stand by them. Even if it’s to cheer on their winning hand.

She’s the calmest of our 3 pups and is the one our little people get to pet and love on first.

She loves her baths so much that she usually jumps in the tub for seconds and thirds while her sisters are deciding if they want their first.

She is unique this Bonnie Pup of ours.

~this is Bonnie Pup’s My Margret for the pups and kitties.

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  1. Hi Bonnie pup. We would say it is like meeting you for the first time, but we already knew some of this about you. It’s the whole “you like baths” thing that we just don’t get. We’ve heard of dogs like this, but none of us have ever met one in the furs. XOX Lucy and Xena

    • Hi Girls! So maybe the good thing is about pups who don’t like baths…it gives us that do more tub time. 🤣

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