The New Kid On The Block


My name is Beatrix Belle but My Margret and My Greg say my everyday name is Bea. My Margret likes to call me sweet pup or Little Miss Bea. My Greg calls me My Bea Dog.

I’ve had a very busy day today I met My Margret and My Greg. My new kitty brother Linus and my three new sisters Bonnie, Belle and Bess. My Margret said she’ll get pictures of me and my new sister Bess tomorrow.

I’ve also explored my new house, it’s big but I guess I’ll grow into it. All of this has made me really tired so I’ve napped.

And napped

And napped some more

I know there will be new adventures tomorrow in the meantime.

~this is Bea “The New Kid On The Block” for the Pups and Kitties.

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  1. Amy: OMD!! Another golden! OMD!! A new puppy! I can’t wait to watch her play and learn and eventually grow up with her sisters.
    Xena: No new puppies here. I am the baby, and that’s how I like it.
    Lucy: Ohhhh, I want a puppy too!!

    • Amy, it’s going to be fun!
      Xena, I’m pretty sure Bessie Pup agrees with you!
      Lucy, you probably should talk to Amy about that! 😉
      ~My Margret

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