Lots of Learning Going On

I’m learning lots of stuff!

I’m learning how to go up and down stairs both indoors and outdoors. And let me tell you there are a lot of stairs!

I’m learning how to ring the gotta go chime when I need to go out. Oh I’m also learning that I need to go out!

I’m learning about “leave it” and “give” and that’s not really fun. But I’m also learning that I like hearing “Good Girl!”

I’m learning all about Linus Kitty. He’s cool!

I’m learning about my big sisters and they are learning about me. I’m being respectful but I’m also letting them know what I think. They don’t know quite what to think about that.

My Margret and My Greg are learning some things about me too.

I think I’m bigger than I really am!

I like to find quiet places to nap.

I like to play with rope toys and can drag toys bigger than me across the floor.

And finally I like to be wherever they are.

~ this is Bea “the lots of learning going on” Puppy for the Pups and Kitties.

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  1. That first picture in a winner. Little Bea steals the bed with 3 adult Golden’s standing around looking at her. Yes, sweetheart, you really do think you are bigger than you are, and so far it’s working. XOX Amy

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