I’m a Big Pup Now!

I’m a big pup now! As you can see I’m almost as big as my sisters.

I like playing with them but for some reason they really don’t like to play toe, paw, tail tug. I’m learning “leave it” but I still don’t like it very much. I also like playing with their big toys instead of my little ones. They said they would share with me.

When I have lots and lots of energy I sometimes go out to the playroom. I have my toys but I still don’t like it because I want to be with everyone else so I learned how to climb over the gate. My Margret caught me both times before I got over to the other side. I sometimes wish she wasn’t so quick. Sigh…
Then My Greg put plexiglass on the gate and now I can’t climb over the top anymore.
I don’t like that at all and made sure to let everyone know that I don’t!
I get to go out to the pup pen with my sisters now to play.
My favorite thing to do outside is to help my Belle Pup work on digging the hole she started. But…I think My Greg just filled that hole back in. Well I guess we’ll just start another one!

~this is Bea “I’m a big pup now” Puppy for the Pups and Kitties.

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  1. I’m happy the image you see inside your mind is so big, B. From where I’m sitting, you’re barely as big as your sisters’ heads…. Just sayin’. Too bad about the baby gate repairs. #humansamiright

    Love and licks,

    • Cupcake I know! I’m learning that humans take away a lot of fun stuff that I want to do. Are you sure? I feel really big. ~ Bea Puppy

    • I like being out in the pup pen. There’s a lot of smells and things to chew on. But the best thing is getting to dig. ~Bea Puppy

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