17 Days In

There are fun new toys to play with at our house! Funny thing is they showed up when the little one did. Hmm I wonder…~ Bonnie Pup.

Bonnie has had the easiest time getting used to Bea. Of course she loves Bea’s toys and always tries to steal them. She will correct Bea when she chews too hard on her but is by far the most tolerant of the three older pups of the puppy antics. ~My Margret

Boy did my life get busier! As you know I’m the taker carer of everyone in my family. We have a new little pup now. I’m showing her the ropes and letting my playful side come out now and then. Mainly I’m making sure she plays nice with her elders and they play nice with her. A taker carer’s job is never done. ~Belle Pup

Belle amazes me. She is the most serious and quietest of our pups but now and then she lets her playful side come out with Bea. When play gets ramped up between the four pups Belle does not hesitate to put herself in between Bea and usually Bessie to redirect and calm things down. She also is very good at letting the youngster know when she’s overstepped her bounds. ~ My Margret

So I’m not sure where this little sassy one came from or how long she’s staying although My Margret and My Greg says she’s here for good. Sigh… ~Bessie Pup.

Bessie has had the hardest time adjusting to a new little sister. Pretty much I think because little Wild Child Bea is a lot like our Bouncy Bess. Bessie is our vocal pup who makes sure to tell us loudly when she hears something. She usually stops when I tell her thank you. Ever helpful she’s teaching Bea that if she barks at supper time that will make me go faster. I keep assuring them both that isn’t the case but they haven’t given up on that nor do I really expect them to.

My sisters are helping me learn what it means to be a part of a family. They are teaching me how to be respectful, how to bark to hurry My Margret up with supper, and how to share toys…mine! I went to the vet today to get my second round of shots and I weigh 13.4 lbs so I’m growing up, I can’t wait to be big like my sisters!

Our greatest challenges are: 1. Making sure Belle and Bonnie don’t overdo when they all start tough housing because with their arthritis they feel it the next day when they do. 2. Making sure Bess has some alone time each day with either Greg or myself. She gets ramped up pretty easily and she also needs reassurance that she is still our Bessie Pup. (Linus and Lucy Kitties are doing fine although it took Linus a few days before he felt comfortable being in the same room as Bea.) 3. Nurturing and teaching Bea how to be the best pup she can be. 4. Helping our crew and ourselves find the new normal. We’ve come a long way in the past 17 days!

~ this is Bonnie, Belle, Bessie, Bea “the 17 days in” Pups and My Margret for the Pups and Kitties.

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    • I’m feeling more and more at home every day. I’ve told My Margret she needs to be a faster picture taker. I finally stayed still long enough to give her a smiley picture. ~Bea Puppy

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