I’m 8 Years Old and Going Strong!

Hi Everyone! I got to see Dr. Boles and everyone else at out vet clinic today for my yearly check up.

They were all happy to see me and said I was a good girl. I liked that!

Along with all the regular things, Dr. Bols checked out things My Margret said she had noticed. All were non scary/serious which we liked. Best news was my arthritis isn’t any worse so we are to keep on with the same treatment plan, which we also liked!

Now if I could just convince them to open the exam room door sooner so I could go home faster life would be just about perfect!

~this is Belle “the I’m eight years old and going strong” Pup for the Pups and Kitties

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  1. Happy, happy birthday Belle! Mom said to tell your Mom to check out (on Amazon) Cosequin joint health supplement. It’s full of good things and so yummy. I started limping (no we don’t know why) on my back leg and with no walks (grrr) and Cosequin, I’m doing much better. XOX Xena

    • Xena, thank your mom for the suggestion. I’ll have My Margret look into it. I’m glad it helped you feel better. I hope you can soon go on walks again. ~ Belle Pup

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