Today’s Dose of Cute Bea Puppy

I hear you calling me but I don’t want to come so I’m going to hide way over here on the other side of the table and peek over the edge to see if you can see me.

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  1. Did you sense a bath coming on, Bea? It couldn’t have been food or you would have come running. Personally, I always know when Mommy has a bath in mind for me, but I’m so small she just scoops me up and dumps me in the tub. Grr. XOX Xena

    • It wasn’t a bath, she wanted me to go out on our pup porch with my sisters but there were too many yummy smells in the kitchen so I didn’t want to go out. ~ Bea Puppy

      • Of course not! Do like I do. I run to the door and ring the belle, er, bell, and Lucy comes running to go out, and Mommy opens the door and Lucy runs out and I run into the kitchen! XOX Xena

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