5 1/2 Months and Getting Big

I’m getting to be a really big pup now that I’m 5 1/2 months old. I’m learning all kinds of things, some of which my sisters have taught me. Like how to check the yard for imaginarywhatchamacallits and how to ring the gotta go chime so Bessie can go out or come in or so we can get treats. I’m also a good table surfer in fact My Margret tells me “Off, Good Girl!” so much I think it might be my new nickname.

I really like playing with my toys, and especially my sisters toys. My Margret says I can be pretty tricky when it comes to getting what I want. Since my full first name is Beatrix I guess I’m just living up to my name.

My Margret found some pictures of when I was a little puppy and put them with recent pictures so you can see how much I’ve grown! She also included some of Angel Bonnie and me. I think A. Bonnie would be proud of my table surfing skills, I learned from the best after all!

This is Bea “5 1/2 months and getting big” Puppy for the Pups and Kitties

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  1. Bea, how did you get so big so fast? I’m 3 years old and still not that big! Xena
    HI Bea. I don’t like toys, but you and I would have so much fun running and playing together. I bet you’re almost as big as me now! XOX Lucy

    • Xena, I think because I’m a large breed dog that makes me grow fast… Maybe? Lucy, I bet we would have fun together!!! Wait..you don’t like toys? What do you do when you want to chew on something? ~Bea Puppy

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