Wintery Tennis Ball Fun

I love tennis balls! My sister Belle loves them too! She is totally in her happy place when she is squeaking her tennis ball. She likes to chase them too so when we go out to play My Margret and My Greg take two tennis balls , one for me and one for Belle. Because of her arthritis Belle can’t run as far or as hard as she used to but sometimes she forgets so they make sure she can still chase it but they limit how far she goes…well they try to but sometimes she goes after mine. She mainly likes to stand still though and squeak squeak squeak her ball.

But I like to chase tennis balls and make them roll around so I can chase them again and again

When we are done playing Belle and I take our tennis balls back into the house where My Margret puts them up until the next time. Sometimes Belle looks at My Margret and gives her the tennis ball before she climbs up the steps to the pup porch. Some day when I’m bigger I bet I will be able to carry them both in!

This is Bea “the wintery tennis ball fun“ Pup for the Pups and Kitties

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  1. You have turned Belle back into a puppy, Bea. It’s great you two have the love of balls in common. Our angel cousin Piper used to love to sit and squeak things, too, and it would make Angel Lexi mad because it was her stuff he squeaked!

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