My Name Is Herbert the Hedgehog

My name is Herbert. I am Bessie Pup’s new friend.
We sit together.
We take naps together.
Lots of naps.
Bessie likes to keep me with her and once she even took me outside. It was cold and wet out and My Margret told her that I should come back in where it is warm and dry. Now when she wants to go out she gives me to My Margret until she comes back in.
I patiently wait right by the pup porch door with all the other special things so she sees me as soon as she comes in.
I’m really glad we are friends.

~ this is Herbert the Hedgehog for the Pups and Kitties

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  1. Bessie, I have a hedgehog too! He doesn’t have a name, though, and he’s much smaller than Herbert. He used to go with me to the Methodist Church where Mommy used to work when I was just a puppy. Because of Herbert, Mommy looked for my hedgehog and gave him to me again. I am so happy! Thank you!! XOX Xena

    • I didn’t really like it outside because it was cold and wet. My Margret has to remind Bessie to bring me back in the house because she gets distracted. Maybe that’s what happens to you too, Cupcake. ~ Herbert the Hedgehog

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