A Little Nose Work Fun

It’s bitter cold and snowy at our house for the millionth day in a row so after a few rounds of tennis ball fetch outside tonight My Margret set up a nose work game where she puts treats under some of the tennis balls and we have to find which balls the treats are under. I got to go first because well you know I’m the most antsy.

Oh there’s one! ~ Bea Pup
And another and another…~ Bea Pup

Then it was Bessie’s turn

Practicing patience. But really how long does it take to set it on the floor? ~ Bessie Pup
Found ‘em all what’s next? ~ Bessie Pup

Then it was Belle’s turn

All right let’s get started! ~ Belle Pup
Easy as can be! ~Belle Pup

My Margret said we all did a really good job finding the treats. I can’t wait until we can play it again!

~ this is Bea “the nose work games are fun” Pup for the Pups and Kitties.

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  1. That game is so fun! It’s kind of like my IQ puzzles, except Mom puts treats under ALL of the doors, bones, sliders, and spinners. After I eat everything, I double check each one like 16 times. Have fun, girls!

    Love and licks,

    • Those games sound fun too, we’ll have to get My Margret to look for some of them. Oh we understand looking 16 times to make sure you found all the treats. You don’t want to miss any of them. ~ Belle, Bessie and Bea Pups

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