Today’s Dose of Cute ~ Belle and Bea Pups

Bea: I’m stuck and I. Don’t. Like. This. Thing. On. My. Head!!!!
Belle (the experienced cone wearer): It’s ok just back up and try again. You’ll get the hang of it I promise. ~ Belle and Bea Pups

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    • From My Margret: Bea has had a lot of urinary track issues ever since she was a young puppy. She had an appointment with the specialist and had some tests that went a long way in narrowing down the causes. We are still waiting on some of the test results. She wouldn’t stop licking where she was shaved so she had to wear a cone for a couple of days. She was not a happy pup.
      Bea: I’m glad you finally got to get your cone off. (Whisper) Hey Xena, I can show you how to chew it just the right way to get it off….

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