Today’s Dose of Cute ~ Peaches Kitty’s Kitten

Today’s dose of cute is brought to you by Peaches Kitty’s Kitten ~ Peaches the Kitty who has kept us guessing ever since I found her a few weeks ago in the bed of the grain truck had her kitten in the cistern pit under the pup porch. I heard it meowing loudly when I let the pups out this morning. I brought them back in and got Greg.
He went down the hatch that’s on the pup porch no easy feat and handed me the kitten.
After setting up a place on the patio I took the kitten to go find mama. Peaches soon appeared and decided that the accommodations on the patio weren’t to her liking so she took her kitten around back of the shop.
We’ll be keeping an eye and ear open to make sure she finds a safe spot and will take care of her baby. The little one is scrappy. 😊

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  1. I wonder if Peaches was abandoned…hoping no FeLV or anything else that would have been passed to the baby. My heart broke many years ago as I bought a shovel to bury my rescue kittie who was 19 months old before anyone realized she had that and then passed.

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