Today’s Dose of Cute ~ Bea Pup

Happy 2nd Birthday to our very own firecracker! Bea Pup you were our Covid/ retirement puppy who keeps us on our toes, makes us laugh, annoys the daylights out of your sisters and Linus and is the all time champion tennis ball catcher on the hop! Yes, you listened well when your sisters told you how to get rid of the bday hat. Three hard shakes and it’s off! We love you sweet pup. ~ Bea’s My Margret

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  1. OMD, we share a birthday, Bea! And we’re the same age!!! Xena says we must be twinsies!!! Happy birthday, and I hope it was as good as mine. XOXOXOX Chia (and Lucy and Xena and Riley and Mom wish you a happy birthday, too.)

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