Always Keep Them Guessing!

Hi this is Belle Pup.

Yesterday (Wednesday) I didn’t feel good. My Greg noticed that I would space out then in a few minutes snap out of it. I was restless, and couldn’t get comfortable. I didn’t eat any of my supper and didn’t drink very much. As the evening went on I got sick to my stomach 5 times. My Margret called our vet and their first available emergency appointment was Saturday. They suggested another vet office that had helped them when they didn’t have available appointments. My Margret called their after hours number but couldn’t get through. Then she called the emergency vet clinic that Bea had gone to several months ago but they were filled to capacity for the night. The shortage of veterinarians can make things challenging and all were apologetic and My Margret understood even though she and My Greg were worried about me.

My Margret slept downstairs with me waking up several times to make sure I was ok. This morning she called the vet office that she couldn’t get through to the night before and they had an available appointment that My Margret took me to this afternoon.

I was a very good girl, they all told me so plus there were lots of “aw” comments as I walked past. I stretched out and dosed while we waited in our exam room. I went with the vet and vet tech like I owned the place (at one point carrying my own leash) to get a tummy ultra sound, blood work, and urinalysis even though I had no symptoms of a UTI. I also gave tail wags and made sure I greeted everyone to make their day better.

The test results showed I am in great shape for a 10 year old pup, except for my arthritis that is. Tests showed that I had nibbled on a little bit of pea gravel (who me?) and it also showed are you ready…I have a raging UTI. Turns out that everything My Greg and My Margret noticed yesterday can be symptoms of a UTI but I didn’t have any of the more common symptoms which is why that possibility wasn’t on any one’s radar including the vet’s who took a specimen just to be thorough. Hmm looks like even we older pups can keep everyone guessing!

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  1. Umm…that’s not why they call it “pea gravel” sweet Belle pupper ! Glad you are doing better ! We have undergone a few of those times too – so purrayers to your parents as well.

  2. Poor fur baby! UTI’s are painful for us humans. I can only Imagine how a fur baby feels when they don’t understand why they don’t feel well! Hope Bea feels better very soon! Sending love and hugs! ❤️❤️❤️

  3. Is pea gravel a rock? Pretty much don’t eat rocks, B. That is good advice in all of life for all pups. Anyway, we’re glad for a happy ending, and hope you are feeling better real soon. We love you.

    Love and licks,

    • Cupcake, yep pea gravel is a tiny rock. I know but it tastes good and it’s fun to crunch on.
      Love you back!
      Belle Pup

  4. Poor you, Belle! Hoping hard you are on the road to recovery. Did anyone give advice on how to not get another UTI? All our inquiring minds want to know. XOXOX Xena, Lucy, Chia and Riley

    • Thank you, I am starting to feel better. Yes the dr gave My Margret some things to add into my routine such as a close trim and use of baby wipes even though I’m a grown up dog. 🤨
      My Margret told My Greg I’m being a Rock Star in dealing with these new things. I mean “good girl” comments and tummy rubs are a part of it so yeah….
      Plus now we know what my kind of unusual symptoms are so we are on the right track. ~ Belle Pup

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