Scruffy the Westie

Hi my name is Scruffy and I am a 8 week old West Highland Terrier. My Margret and My Greg came and picked me up today and brought me home. I like to lick, chew on stuff, roll in the grass, play with toys and cuddle. I have a funny little hop when I walk and for some reason that makes My Margret and My Greg laugh. Oh and I am learning my name.

When we got home I got to meet Linus Kitty, I kinda chased him and he told me that he didn’t like that. I think as time goes on he’ll see how much fun a game of chase can be!

Then I met my big sisters, they are really big but I think they liked me. When it was time to take a nap Bea Pup laid down by my crate. But then she started to bark really loud at me and it made me scared so My Margret and My Greg said it was time for a break so my sisters went out to play in their pen and I settled down for a nap in my crate with my monkey that smells like my mom and littermates.

After I woke up from my nap My Margret took me outside to explore my new yard then we visited My Greg in his garage where he was fixing something. I went back in the house and snooped around my big room for so long that I decided to curl up on my blanket and take another nap!

So far it’s been a great first day! ~ Scruffy Puppy

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  1. You look like you will be fitting in really well Scruffy.
    I would like to ask your people if they have anyplans to get another kitty, as Linus lost his sister Lucy not too long ago.

  2. Welcome, Scruffy, to the world of blogging. We all think you are adorable (Xena called for a vote and we all raised a paw). You’re gonna have so much fun with your new sisters and Linus, too. Be sure and ask us if u need any advice. Xoxo Lucy, Riley, Xena and Chia

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