Guess what?!? I got to be a co-pilot to a place far far away with My Margret and My Greg

I went to my first football game and went to part of my second football game the next night but it was too loud and hurt my ears so My Margret said I could go home and snuggle in my crate with my heart beat bear while they watched the game. I liked that.

I had a big yard with crunchy leaves to explore.

I got to meet my cousin Patch and barked at him a lot. My Margret said I was being sassy and that I needed to be polite because I was staying at Patch’s house. He wanted to play with me which would have been really fun.

The best part was playing with three of My Margret and My Greg’s (not so) littles. Plus guess what?!? I got to meet some of their friends.

I had a really good time but boy am I tired. I think I’ll take a nap until we get home. I can’t wait to tell my big sisters all about it ~ This is Scruffy Puppy for the Pups and Kitty.

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  1. You sure are getting to do some fun stuff, Scruffy, even if some of it seems to not be so much fun. Your sisters are going to be really jealous and will be sniffing you all over when you get home. XOX Xena, Lucy, Chia and Riley

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