Scruffy the “I don’t want to rest” Westie

I know I’m not supposed to chew on the blanket that covers my crate giving me a cozy den so I can rest and heal but it’s not FAIR!!! My Margret and My Greg were gone FOREVER. (about 1 hour) I wanted to stay out in the front room so I could create more havoc. I mean play some more but instead I had to go back in my crate. Sigh…
This morning was great while out in the front room with My Margret to gently play with toys and burn off some energy. My Margret left the room to go check on my bedding and I pulled the usb plug from the charging block and chewed the end off so the fountian waterer no longer worked. (My Greg fixed it later, he’s good like that) Then I pulled the small tent off the shelf, took the tent and tent poles out of the bag and chewed up the card with the instructions. Oh and best of all I barked at numerous trespassers that I saw out the window. Note from Scruffy’s My Margret: Needless to say the sedative did not work this morning. 🙄 8 days and counting until stitches come out and life goes back to normal…

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