Linus Kitty 7/21/2013-5/26/2023

Linus Kitty passed away last night. He was one of the best, definitely sassy, slightly sarcastic kitties we’ve ever had.

Linus made it his mission to try out every container (especially boxes) that he found always making them his own. He searched out the most comfy spaces for his naps. He put up with the pups, even playing with them if no one was looking and kept a watchful eye from the window on everything outside.

I imagine he’s having a great reunion with Bonnie Pup and Lucy Kitty. He was greatly loved and will be sorely missed. ~ Margret

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  1. Oh, we are so sorry to read this ! We only met Linus after his sister had already gone OTRB. As you say, they are having a joyous reunion, but he sure will be missed here.

  2. So sorry . Just saw Linus passed away.
    No one to be the boss any more!
    I’ll give Tai an extra huge tonight, never know when they will be no more.

  3. So sorry to hear of your dear kitty passing. I loved seeing the beautiful pictures of Linus all these months.

  4. Oh no! We will miss you like crazy, little buddy. We always enjoyed your attitude and vibe. RIP, L. You loved well and were well-loved. Prayers for your family to heal.

    Love and licks,
    Cupcake and Mom

  5. Such wonderful pictures of your wonderful boy. They each depict an element of his character, that’s for sure – a character that will be missed by all who knew him, without a doubt. Godspeed, Linus.

  6. You are undertaking the long journey through grief. While others may share that grief we all walk it alone. There are no right or wrong paths, no proper way to carry oneself, no set amount of time to complete it. Some steps will come easier than others. There will be rogue waves of grief that you won’t see coming, and knock you back days. But you will come through it. If you get lost let us know. We have been through it before and we might be able to help you find the way out.

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