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Today’s Dose of Cute ~ Bea Puppy

I don’t understand. The wind blew the orange round flying things down, so I brought one in the house to chew on it. When you told me to “give” I gave you that one (finally) then I ran back out to bring this one in. Why can’t I chew it up into little hard jagged pieces? It says “play” on it. Sigh… I know I know “give”. ~ Bea Puppy

37 Weeks Old or I’m a Really Big Puppy Now

I told My Margret she was getting lazy with mainly posting Doses of Cute. So I told her she needed to write about how I’ve grown and what I like to do now. I’m 37 weeks old and weigh 58 lbs. I’m taller than both Belle Pup (8 yrs) and Bessie Pup (6 yrs) although they weigh about 15 lbs more than I do.

The older I get the more my personality comes out. I’m stealthy and stubb er I mean determined. I like to cuddle and tend to chase and catch my tail when I have so much energy that I don’t know what to do with it! I nudge My Margret when I want her to hurry or notice something like the tennis ball at her feet that’s I’m waiting for her to throw.

I have many expressions and finally found my smile.

And I really like giving eye rolls when I don’t like something.

I love my sisters and we have lots of fun together. Sometimes they call me a pesky brat because well I guess I kinda am. But I know they love me.

I love playing fetch with my tennis ball and am working on catching it on the first bounce! I also like playing frisbee but it’s still kind of hard to pick it up.

I’ve discovered there’s a lot to see out the windows and I like to help my sisters keep an eye on things.

Well I guess that just about covers it. ~ this is Bea “I’m a really big puppy now” Puppy for the pups and kitties.