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Early Morning Tennis Ball Fun

Belle decided this morning that we needed to play with her tennis ball. I was working on the computer enjoying my morning coffee when my arm was nudged and I heard a thump. I looked down and there was Belle looking expectantly up at me tennis ball at her feet.

I threw the ball and off she went to get it. She was trying to squeak it as she brought it back to me, not quite getting the squeak, she dropped it and I threw it again. Bonnie got to it first this time loudly squeaking the ball all the way back to me. Belle looked at me with very sad eyes. I petted her and told her that it was ok and to go get the ball from her sister. She did and the game continued. At one point my throw was off (ok let’s admit it my throw is usually off) and it ends up under the recliner. How much does Belle love her tennis ball? So much that even though she is my cautious pup she totally trusts me to tilt and hold the recliner while she grabs the ball.

Needing a break she takes the tennis ball to her cushion where she took time for some squeaker practice. You should have seen the look on her face when she was able to get noise out of that ball. In the loud squeally voice that means fun to her, I told her “Yea! Belle, You did it!” She then ran to me for a quick cuddle before heading back to get the ball before her sister did.