Passing a Milestone, Pup Style

They did it! The other night Greg and I decided to see how the pups would do not being crated during the night. We carefully put up high, very high anything that might be a temptation to our 1-1/2 year old pups, which is pretty much everything. They did great! The only thing I found was one of the kitchen curtains had been knocked down and that was courtesy of Linus kitty.

We have now successfully made it through 3 nights and while the pups are not ready to be left in the house unsupervised, they are sure doing an awesome job sleeping all night without getting into mischief. Yea pups we are so proud of you! Oh and yes I know it could change at anytime because after all they are still our mischievous pups 🙂

What milestones have you met with your pets? Milestones that have brought you joy and excitement with a dose of “I can’t believe we made it” thrown in for good measure?

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  1. Congratulations! — to Bonnie and Belle, and you and Greg! It is soooooooooooo good when you see accomplishments. Thinking and praying for your day. — will call you later…
    Continue your upward path with Bonnie and Belle — and well, Linus needs to quit climbing the curtains!! — never a :dull: moment.

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