Communication Pup Style



I get a big kick out of how Bonnie and Belle communicate with each other. It’s pretty much silent unless they are rough housing then we hear some play grumbles, a few yips, and some short barks.

During playtime I’ve watched them flawlessly pass tennis balls to each other without making a sound. Or when they have snitched something they aren’t supposed to have one pup will pass it to the other one and look at me as if to say, “I don’t have it, she does”

Bonnie likes to have Belle go outside with her and she has been known to ring the “gotta go out” chime then refuse to go out if Belle isn’t beside her. Bonnie then goes to wherever Belle might be and simply looks at her and Belle will sigh, get up and go with her sister outside.

When Belle is ready to come back into the house she waits patiently by the door for us to let her in. Bonnie on the other hand will bop the door with her paw to say “I’m ready to come in now. Please, please let me in”.

If Bonnie comes into the house but Belle isn’t ready yet she has been known to ring the chime to let us know that Belle is ready to come in.

I’ve watched them communicate with each other and us by a gentle nudge, with a look, and sometimes I think with each other at least telepathically.

How do your pets communicate with each other?

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  1. We are always learning something about personalities — It would be interesting to know more about their thought processes. They are typical sisters — or even twins — brought up in the same house with their own temperament. Tnanks for sharing. Carolyn

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