But It’s Cold Outside!

If this morning was any indication the pups are just as tired of the extreme cold temperatures as the rest of us are.
Both pups were curled up on the couch when I came to tell them that it was time for them to go out to their puppy porch and yard.

Bonnie was careful not to move or react as she pretended that she didn’t see or hear me, although I did see her eyebrow wiggle.
Belle willingly jumped off the couch and trotted to…Bonnie’s crate and curled up in a ball all set to snuggle in for the day.

I went out to the kitchen and rang their “gotta go out” chime. They both came running to see what the excitement was all about. Bonnie’s enthusiasm for an adventure took her right out the open door into their porch. Belle stopped at my side, and gave me a dirty look that clearly said “I can not believe you did that!” then proceeded to follow her sister out the door.
Belle was the first one to greet me when I came home from work tonight so I think she forgave me. Thank you pup!

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  1. That “wiggled” eyebrow and dirty look are so much fun — again revealing the personality of each. I wonder what Linus thought? — if she felt let out of gladly looked over.
    Take care. Carolyn

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