Tennis Ball Fun With Belle Pup

Belle and her favorite tennis ball.

Belle and her favorite tennis ball.

This morning I heard the familiar thump, thump, thump, of Belle’s tennis ball. My signal that she wants to play catch. So the multi-tasker that I am, I threw the ball for Belle with one hand while petting Bonnie with the other. When Belle lost the ball under the sofa I moved the sofa so she could find the ball and low and behold we found a treasure trove of tennis balls and chew bones! Bonnie upon realizing her petting time was on hold for a minute came over to take a look. Belle lined up the first three balls for easy access then started wagging her tail even faster, why you may ask? Because she found her all time favorite tennis ball. It’s old but still intact and more importantly is an easy squeaker. Belle is squeaker challenged and tries very, very hard to make the tennis balls squeak. Bonnie is a champion at tennis ball squeaking and continually gives Belle squeaker lessons. The lessons are starting to pay off and the look on Belle’s face when she can make the ball squeak is priceless. Well, Belle just placed her tennis ball on the chair where I am sitting and Bonnie just came up for another cuddle so that’s my cue!

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  1. Another neat way to observe the temperaments of Belle and Bonnie. I can’t imagine Belle’s joy at finding the treasure of balls and bones. — guess you will have to check once in a while to find your treasures here and there. (Did you move the sofa yourself?) As Belle was thrilled, we can remember finding a key or a wallet or something of value to us. Belle found what was valuable to her — Bonnie wasn’t unhappy about it either. — How much fun you have and thanks for sharing. Carolyn

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