Lesson Learned From Our Pups

Our two pups even though they are sisters and littermates have very different personalities.  Bonnie is slightly impatient and Belle is pretty laid back.  One of the ways this is shown is when they have to go outside to potty, or have the yen to check out what is happening in their puppy pen.  Bonnie will ring the “gotta go” chime and immediately after ringing the chime will turn around and check to see if we are coming and if we aren’t “well hurry up please!”. Image

Belle on the other hand will ring the chime and will stand face toward the door, tail wagging, patiently waiting until we come and open the door for her.  Image

It came to me the other day as I went to open the door that, the pups behavior is a good example of my faith in God and Jesus.  All too often I am like Bonnie, I talk to God about something and get impatient and am like “God did you hear me? “What are you going to do about it?” “When are you going to do something about it?” regarding whatever it is I am talking to Him about. When what I really long to be is more Belle like and just calmly wait for Him to act having the complete confidence and unshakable faith that He will take care any concern that I have in His time and in His way. Which will be far, far better than anything I could possibly come up with.

 I love how God uses the things or in this case the pups in my life to help teach me to be patient and to wait on Him.

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  1. Yes, your reply came and is working, It will be interesting to see if they keep the same habits in the future. Chances are they are well established in their habits and just like adults, we maintain these habits as long as no one changes things for us. I am glad that summer is here and Bonnie and Belle can enjoy the warm outings more. Carolyn

  2. Thanks Carolyn, for reading the post. Yes, it will be interesting to watch as they continue to mature. Belle loves being outside more esp in the evening when there is a breeze. Bonnie continues to enjoy being inside. Yet one more difference between our girls.

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