Bess AKA Sprout Week 2




Bessie has had a busy two weeks. She seems more like a Bess than a Bessie and she spends just as much time being called Sprout. The Jolly Green Giant from Green Giant vegetables had a sidekick named Sprout who thought he was big like the Giant. Bess seems to think she can do anything Bonnie and Belle can do hence Sprout.

The pups

The pups

Linus and Lucy are getting used to having Bess in their life. Lucy tries to ignore her much like she does Bonnie, Belle and Linus. Linus however is game and he and Bess seem to have fun together.

Let's play!

Let’s play!

Bess is proving to be a quick learner especially where the “gotta go” chime is concerned. She has figured out that ringing the chime means the door opens and she gets to go out in the pup porch and pen. I was washing dishes the other evening and heard the chime. I turned fully expecting to see Bonnie pup imagine my surprise when Bess’s little face looked back at me. I snapped her leash on and out we went. She went right to the bone that the older pups had left on the porch. She wanted the bone and she figured out what she had to do to go out and get it.  Not wanting to lose a teachable moment we continued out to the pup yard.

We had our first puppy class last week. Where we learned Find It,  Soft Mouth, and Gotcha. Soft Mouth is easily my favorite as Bess has sharp little puppy teeth!

She is going pretty good when it comes to chewing on things.  Lucky for her, she joined a family that has an abundance of chewy toys.

So many toys to chose from!

So many toys to chose from!

Bonnie and Belle are getting used to having Bess in the mix.

Judging by their looks and behavior they don’t quite know what to think about her but they have figured out that she’s fun to play with!

Bonnie and Bess

Bonnie and Bess

Did you see that!

Did you see that!

All in all it’s been a good week!

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  1. HI!
    — So glad that Bess (Sprout) is adjusting and fitting right into the Abbott household. She has made a wonderful transition. The training and experience from you both as well as the understanding hearts of Belle, Bonnie, Linus and Lucy –> ( maybe she is a little less thrilled) have made the new home for Sprout work. I know that you have prayed for peace too.

    Your snapshots are great. the warmness of your furniture and floors just blends right into the golden colors of the pups. Not only do you have five grandkids ( with another on the way!) but you have five living additions to care for each and every day. Who said that there is the “empty nest?”

    Enjoy all the fun in the snow with the pups this winter too!
    I like the meaning behind the name Sprout!

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