The Pups Version of Musical Crates

But this is my crate!

But this is my crate!

Sleep Over

Sleep Over

Bonnie and Belle haven’t been crated in months.  They sleep upstairs with us in our bedroom.  Bess has two crates is crated when we are gone and at night. When we first brought Bess home she was in a crate in our bedroom at night to be close to us.  This became a problem when she had difficulty getting down the stairs and across the house to the pup pen during our middle of the night potty breaks. So we had her sleep at night in her daytime crate to make the distance to the pup pen shorter for her. Bess is basically housebroken now, (let the balloons and streamers fall from the ceiling in celebration!) and in all my humanness I decided that she must be lonely downstairs by herself, so the past couple of nights we had her sleep back upstairs in the crate with us.   This morning after a  1 am potty break on our way back upstairs her firmly planted paws told me in no uncertain terms that she prefers to sleep downstairs thank you very much!  Ok, no problem I said and put her in her downstairs crate.

Fast forward to two happenings this morning.  When Bess came in from the pup pen she went right into her crate, sat down looked at me and yawned clearly not ready to start her day.   Then I heard laughter from Greg, who was still upstairs, Bonnie and Belle were curled up together in the crate in our bedroom.

I don’t understand their attachment to the crates but I am glad that the pups feel comfortable in the crates even when they don’t need them.

Such is life with our pups!

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  1. Do you suppose that the crate is their “security” place — a haven of rest. I thought I might see Linus in there too!
    Who knows — Bess might decide to spend her nights upstairs as she grows older …..

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