Three Days!


My Margret says it’s going to get better, I hope she’s right although I’ve noticed that she tries to look at the bright side of things to encourage us. So I don’t know maybe this is the way it’s always going to be.

What? You want to know what I’m talking about. Well, let me tell you, I’m the one who keeps things going around here. Without me my Margret and my Greg wouldn’t know what to do, that’s what they tell me at least. But lately, well I don’t know if they still feel that way.

It started about a  month ago, Bess went away and came back, and wasn’t as bouncy as she usually is which was really ok but then the bounciness  came back.  She’s back to being rude and pushing her way to the front again. Whether it’s first out the door, first back in the door, first to be petted she just has to be first and bouncy about it to boot! My Margret says she and my Greg are working on teaching Bess manners but that part of it is that she is still young and it’s going to take time.  Well time needs to hurry up!

Then about 10 days ago Bonnie went away and came back and had to wear that silly thing my Margret calls the Cone of Royalty.  I remember how it felt to wear it when I had to wear it last year so when Bonnie wanted me to lick her owie I did what any good sister would do and I did but then got told to leave it!  Well I do like to do what I’m told so I did but then Bonnie was mad at me *sigh*.

Then Bonnie gets to stay in the house on the soft cushy couch  during the day while I have to go out in the pup porch and pen with the even more bouncy than usual Bess,   I have to entertain AND keep her out of trouble and that’s quite a job let me tell you. Bonnie usually does the entertaining and I keep them both out of trouble.

So I’m letting my Margret and my Greg know how hard my life is. When my Margret calls us to go outside I snuggle down a bit more so she can’t see me and say “no” real quietly.  Then she comes to me with a frowny face, I hate frowny faces and says “let’s go” in her mom voice, so I go but as slowly as possible, I guess that shows her!

Last night when it was time for bed I didn’t want to go upstairs with them, again in an effort to show them, but then my Margret sat down and started cuddling me and talking softly to me, reminding me that they can’t go to sleep unless I’m upstairs with them.  That they would miss me too much.  She also said the past 10 days have been really not fun at all for anyone in our house and that in 3 days Bonnie’s stitches will come out and things will go back to normal again.  She also said I’ve been a big help and a very good sister to both Bonnie and Bess. That helped and when I went upstairs my Greg was there to pet me and tell me what a good girl I was so I’m glad that I decided to go up with them.

3 days she says…ok I’ll give them 3 days but then things better be better around here!

This is Belle, signing off for the pups and the kitties.

This is Margret: Things have been tough on Belle, she doesn’t like change and with both Bess and Bonnie having their lady surgeries this past month it’s been one long month of not normal stuff.   Never fear she has had her share of love and cuddles and she has more than enjoyed her share of cheese when her sisters had their medicine which was wrapped in cheese.     I do agree and echo Belle when I say, 3 days…but then things better be better around here!






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  1. I.COMPLETELY.UNDERSTAND.YOUR.PAIN! I can’t WAIT for Molly to be allowed to play with Macy again because she is KILLING me. All that energy, all the time. It’s ridiculous. No manners, no regard for privacy, SLEEP DEPRIVATION! *groan* It’s all too much. You have 3 days and I have 3 days too! Let’s pray they go fast, ok? *ear licks* Noodle

    • Noodle, I’m so glad somebody understands what I’ve been going through. Thank you! Oh I hope that things go back to normal in your home too. 3 days, Noodle we can do 3 days! ~ nose nudges Belle

  2. oh boy — pep talks .. walk softly and carefully — want to say something that will make everyone better — I guess the “word” is THREE days — Oh I will be sooooooooooooo glad for you all!!!!!
    (As my old boss at work would say … this too shall pass????? )

    take care………

    • Thank you Mrs. Carolyn, the good thing is that 3 days will soon be 2 days.
      My Margret says to tell you she’ll see you tonight.

  3. Aw, Belle, you have been such a good sister. Me, I don’t mind change, but I understand that most peeps and fur babies don’t like it much, some more than others. I bet Your Margret and Your Greg are so very happy to have you there to help. Keep up the good work!

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