The Plan





So like I had this plan. If I kept taking out and losing the clip thingys then pretty soon I wouldn’t have to wear this silly cone.

It almost worked too!

Last night my Margret took off my cone to see how it would go.  It went great for about an hour then I started licking my owie again. I mean come on it’s ITCHY!!!!

But I knew we were running low on extra clips so I thought HA! I had it made.

Um, what’s a zip tie?

~This is Bonnie “sick of wearing the cone of royalty” signing off for the pups and kitties.

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  1. This time will never come again — aren’t you glad? Stitches come out soooooooooooon!
    It was good to see Margret last night.

    • I know right! Trust me I’ve been trying!! 2 more days Noodle, 2 more days. ~nose nudges Bonnie

    • you are right Mrs. Chris, waiting is the hardest part. We just let Linus think he’s ruling the roost, we really rule it… well to be honest, I guess Lucy still does or at least that’s what she tells us.~ nose nudges Bonnie

    • Thanks Lexi! Guess what! I get to be free even sooner than that! I heard my Margret tell someone it’s at 10:20 Saturday Morning. She was very specific on the time, It’s almost as if she’s more excited than I am. 🙂

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